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Our Fences

Panel Sizes

Each job site is different, and requires different fence sizes.

Here’s our size list:

  • 4×10
  • 6×10
  • 8×10


Locking Safety Systems

Panel clamps, to prevent theft and trespassing, are available.

The clamps make it frustratingly difficult for unwelcome visitors to access your job site.


Fence panels are accompanied with netting screens that have 2 purposes:

  • Control debris
  • Add privacy to your site


Patented Reflective Stripping

Night construction and job sites that are located in busy locations need extra visibility – so we have added reflective strips along our fence panels to ensure your site is highly visible.

High-Visibility Paint

The paint we use is vibrant and easy to see.

It’s another way we ensure your worksite is safely noticeable.

Adaptable Gates

We have 2 different gates you can rent:

  • Man doorway
  • Vehicle-access gate

Both gates can be plugged in anywhere along your fence!

Base Ramps

Highly Visable Fence


Panel Clamps

Reflective Striping

Safety & Specialty Bases

We have 2 different bases to choose from:

Specialty: these bases are meant for highway dividers. They don’t bulge out and pose a danger to passing vehicles – they are nicely tucked in and keep your fence perfectly secure.

Safety: these bases are for any worksites that aren’t on the highway. They have a ‘Donald Duck’s Beak’ (c’mon, it’s a perfect analogy) that slides up the fence base. It helps reduce the risk of tripping.

Both base types can be placed on earth, wood, and concrete surfaces.

Disposal Bins

Our disposal bins are perfect for:

  • Asphalt recycling
  • Wood recycling
  • Dirt and concrete removal
  • Drywall excess
  • General construction waste disposal

Here are the bin sizes we offer:

  • 10 yard
  • 15 yard
  • 20 yard
  • 30 yard
  • 40 yard

The 5 Steps
To Fencing Your Site

Working with us is simple. Here’s our process:

Step 1 — Estimate & Contract

This step is pretty straightforward - give us a call and tell us:
  • Where your site is
  • How big your site is
  • How many gates you need
  • Site access
  • Project intentions
  • When you need your fencing by
  • Whether or not you need a disposal bin


Step 2 — Agreement

Once you establish what you’re looking for, we can draft your basic agreement (which is explained in more detail here). Once the contract is signed and paid for, we ensure your fencing arrives at your site exactly when you need it.
As for paying, it’s incredibly easy. You can use:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex
  • Cash
  • Cheques (with approved credit application)
And again...there’s no auto-renewal!

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Step 3 — Delivery

We always know where our trucks are, thanks to our fleet being GPS-tracked. That way you can prepare for the arrival of your fences and not feel left in the dark.

Step 4 — Installation

This is when your fencing is professionally installed by Yellow Fence Rentals employees. They’re trained to install fences on any type of terrain.

Step 5 — 24-Hour Emergency Service

Our team remains available to you for any on-site changes, maintenance, and repairs that crop up during your construction project. If something happens with your rentals, we can deal with it within 24-hours.

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4 Reasons To Choose
Yellow Fence Rentals

1. We’re upfront about our fees

The fee you’re told is the one that shows up on your bill. Nothing is hidden from you. The only time you’ll pay extra is if you damage or lose our product.

2. We have a GPS-tracked fleet

We have up to the minute access on the whereabouts of our trucks, and constantly watch traffic patterns to ensure drivers take the most efficient route to you.

3. Our maintenance program is the most thorough in the industry

Every time our product is returned to us, it goes through a thorough evaluation. Panels that do not meet our high standards are mended and repainted. We strive to provide the best quality fencing – period.

4. Our fences are highly visible

The vibrant yellow paint we use ensures your job site is easy to notice.

Want to learn more about us? Check out our About page!

Say Goodbye
To Complicated Contracts With Hidden Fees

And Say Hello To Our Simple, Easy To Understand Agreement

We don’t tuck hidden fees into our contract or sneak in a clause about auto-renewals. Our agreement is wonderfully basic and outlines what you’re renting.

Most importantly, our contract states the ONLY extra charge that would ever crop up after your initial quote. If you lose or damage our product, you’re responsible for reimbursing us.